♫♪  3:33 - “BB2-1”

One thing you can expect from 3:33, aside from the finest in noisy beats and dark ambience, is insanely detailed, often tapestry-like cover art and layout by graphic designer/digital illustrator Kevin Vitella. From the Satanic symmetry of The First Thousand Days and Live From The Grove to the earthen machina In The Middle of Infinity, Vitella has provided more than just poisonous eye candy. These tableaus are like lyrics for the instrumental hip-hop 3:33’s owl-guised aliens hoot. (Of course, to fully appreciate them, you’ll have to buy the physical copies.)

3:33’s latest, Bicameral Brain, takes the concept of slightly broken symmetry a step further with two discs, which, according to the press release, represent “the two sides of this primitive state of consciousness, the commander and the commanded.” The first single, “BB2-1” (disc 2, track 1) starts off with a waning drone left over from disc 1’s “auditory hallucination” before falling in step with a militant breakbeat march. From there, corpses pile.

Stream “BB2-1” below and bisect the Bicameral Brain October 29, just in time for Halloween.

• Parallel Thought: http://pthought.com

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