♫♪  a i r s p o r t s - “Bossman’s Cave”

A lonely blue feather floats, slowly spinning in the pastel-colored atmosphere. Giant shiny medallions tumble gently through space. A fresh digital doughnut oscillates in the rainbow infinity. Monochrome staircases, ladders, squiggly lines and other familiar items revolve and wiggle deliberately in place, stuck in the oily abyss. These are just a few of the sights you can see in the new video for a i r s p o r t s’ newest jam “Bossman’s Cave,” the first cut off the recent EP from AMDISCS: Future Reserve Label, titled Strobe Light Logic. The cyber psychedelia accompanies the soft-spoken house music from Oregon-based producer Dylan Howe. “Bossman’s Cave” (alternately titled “No Light From Day”) is a ticking time-bomb. An anxious Casiotone beat, a steady but heavy piano pulse make way for glittering synthesizer textures and minimal vocal samples on the lead-off track from the new record. The track and video serve as a tantalizing introduction to a delectably soulful and genuinely psychedelic album, which is available now from AMDISCS and also available to stream on Bandcamp.

• a i r s p o r t s: http://airsports.bandcamp.com
• AMDISCS: http://amdiscs.com

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