♫♪  A7PHA - “HAND 2 HAND”

Man, woman or child, you need some cajones to rap with Doseone. The Anticon granddaddy has been relatively quiet on the MC front of late, his attentions directed instead at instrumental endeavors like the DISC ROOM Soundtrack, but that only means the at turns raging, ebullient, whimpering and manic beast-man-child that is Adam Drucker’s id-rap persona must’ve been fuming inside of him, pitter-patter pith begging for its release.

Yes, it’s a brave man who agrees to buckle up beside the Doseone, but while Mestizo might not be Drucker’s match in terms of drop-of-the-dime phrase turns and cadence shifts — after all, few if any are — he does come off fueled by a turmoil combustible enough to power this Mac truck of a collaboration, to stoke the flames of Drucker’s every-MC funeral pyre as it were. That the two arrive at the A7PHA LP intersection stocking-masked up and hoodied down like they’re about to Enter the 36 Chambers seems fitting, not because there’s a classic in the making, but because once again more than a few might be headed toward the fire pit.

Watch the two square off in “HAND 2 HAND,” premiering below.

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