♫♪  Abyss X - “Bite The Apple”

Greek born L.A. based producer Abyss X croons and cuts up vocals over spacey grime production, pulling together poetic work that reminds us of Jenny Hval and precise instrumentals that place it into a colder, darker, digital world. TMT premieres her track “Bite The Apple” from her “Echoes” EP, upcoming via Mexico City based Extasis Records. The “L.A.S.H.” video, via THUMP in July gave us a glimpse into her visuals and sonics (her multidisciplinary practice also involves performance, dance, video, and coding); “Bite The Apple” maintains that same pop sensibility and sleekness, but also offers something that feels equally philosophical and emotional. Perhaps it’s the amount of layers utilized combined with full sonic clarity on every individual element that make “Bite The Apple” feel like a representation of what it’s like to have a human brain, the tool that’s both pondering philosophy and emotion. Abyss X’s work appreciates the science of emotion more than the romance of it. This practical interest doesn’t take away from the confessional and raw nature of the track though. It breaks down the tiny atoms of feeling while still maintaining an intricate, ever changing structure. Abyss X will be touring in October in LA & Mexico City— stay attuned to her internet presence for upcoming dates!

• Abyss X: https://soundcloud.com/abyssxxx
• Extasis Records: https://soundcloud.com/extasisrecords

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