♫♪  Afterhours - “ROMANTIX”

As we recently premiered the Not Not Fun musician’s “Raw Algebraic” and Post-Geography album preview video a minute back, Afterhours is still on that preview kick, this time with “ROMANTIX.” Lingering in the lit hue of the last street lamp, like a stagnant cloud in the bitty hours of the morning, kissing never felt so distant, or like a dream. Creeping up your spine is a sense of reality, but maybe you’re asleep, and have been for the past five hours. “ROMANTIX” settles in with each time your pursed lips touch. Trickling down the edge of day-break. A bubble bursts in your mouth and it’s gum. Talent is within what you can’t see. And Afterhours gives listeners’ ears just that vis a vis electronic arts.

Find new Afterhours tape Post-Geography (C40) on Not Not Fun this month, featuring the unreality of “ROMANTIX,” streaming below:

• Not Not Fun: http://www.notnotfun.com

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