♫♪  Aloonaluna - “Duck Goose”

“I love Cambodian pop, Korean folk artists such as Kim Doo Soo, Sufi trance, opera, Bollywood, drone, field recordings of frogs, hypnagogic records, dub reggae, underground and internet hip-hop (I guess I’m referring to Lil B here) and it seems anything Finnish,” says Lynn Fister of Aloonaluna in a recent interview. A lot of the stuff listed in that quote slithers into “Duck Goose” one way or another, but I would also add rainbows, shower caps, ghost stories, snapdragons, and children’s folklore. Whatever it is that goes into the gurgling cauldron wherein Aloonaluna concocts her mystical potions, the results are equal parts eerie and fun. This track is featured on the new tape Diadem or Halo?, which is the second solo cassette Fister has issued as Aloonaluna for the Hooker Vision imprint in 2012.

A little news to accompany the most-joyous occasion of this track premiere: Aloonaluna is also currently on tour across the US. Check out her tour promo video here, scope the upcoming dates throughout June with RoamerX at the RSVP page, and hit a show so you can score yourself a copy of this fine strip of magnetic witchcraft from Fister herself.

• Aloonaluna: http://aloonaluna.com/home.html
• Hooker Vision: http://hookervision.blogspot.com

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