Pocahaunted, Dolphins into the Future, Sun Araw, Raccoo-oo-oon, Skaters, Savage Young Taterbug, Dylan Ettinger, Black Joker, Gem Jones, Russian Tsarlag, and ANGELS IN AMERICA. These are all major reasons I got into listening to the contemporary “underground” of music. And damn it, ANGELS IN AMERICA keeps it kicking. Currently, the duo’s new home is on HOSS Records. Bout damn time, right? Not a moment too soon, anti-hero outsiders, ANGELS IN AMERICA is already turn’t-ing out the digital singles with “HYMENOPTERA” / “STENCH OF A WOMAN.” Tell me the intro to “HYMENOPTERA” don’t sound like Marylin Manson’s cover of “Sweet Dreams.” Now, if you’ve got dem die hard ears, y’all would recognize “HYMENOPTERA” off their Night People Records tape a few years back. “STENCH OF A WOMAN” is that classic ANGELS IN AMERICA sound and song writing without the harsh, jackhammer rush of ear-bleed. But it’s all just a brain-bleed click away from catching up. So get real. Get a Mona Lisa poke and stick tattoo on your face. ANGELS IN AMERICA are preparing big things at HOSS. Here’s a huff:

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