♫♪  Ara Koufax - “Converge”

The video for “Converge” by duo Ara Koufax is pretty clever for something so simple. And at first, I just thought to myself, Another music video of people running? NAY! As “Converge” is also clever, while simply remaining to a beat and melody (meat and potatoes), the video builds with it as well in small intricacies. The lack of color, providing a more direct attention on the producers running, as the music does the same in conjunction with duo-collaboration focusing on their work together, pacing as a pair. Their breathe insinuating their alive behind the digital/tech production work and vocal sample, creating more humanistic vibe. The fact that this is a “track” and their running, so in a literal-way, the video for the Ara Koufax single “Converge” is on-par with sport. But the vocal closed-captioning was my favorite part, considering the singer sounds American, and the duo running is from Australia, providing a “foreign” vibe that’s not necessary, but in there for the “BWAAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!?” Maybe. Maybe there’s a deeper meaning than all that, but I’m into it all.

Ara Koufax has their EP release party coming up in Melbourne, VIC THIS MAY 9, and one can only assume “Converge” will be a track off it. So get to Australia and sweat, wait, it’s Autumn there rn, so sweat extra in the club! And don’t you DARE listen to the tracks suggested after on YouTube because JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZUZ!!!!

• Ara Koufax: https://soundcloud.com/ara-koufax

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