♫♪  ARIADNE - “grief divine”

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ARIADNE is as fluid as melted metal — an ever-morphing experiment of real-time 3D animation, hardware, software, circuits, and synthesis. And the latest thing to crawl out of the duo’s laboratory is the convulsing video for “grief divine,” off their upcoming interactive audio/visual web-based experience, Stabat Mater.

“grief divine,” like much of the duo’s past work, violently forces itself into existence through a cacophony of metallic rises and organic movements, bubbling upward and outward, likely to give the listener something akin to motion sickness. Noir flubber dances in the midst of the void, post-future dystopia (or maybe utopia?) that ARIADNE occupies. Hypnotizing, enticing, alluring, yet frightening, it’s a synthetic hand offering to let you in.

Take it.

Stabat Mater (“Sorrowful Mother” in Latin), to be released by Auris Apothecary, is a 20-movement cycle of audio/visual ecstatic visions, due out October 27 on cassette and as a 3D web-based interactive experience (woah). Pre-order it here.

Stabat Mater tracklist:

01. wounds renew
02. mother weeping
03. nourishment
04. she beneath
05. burning sphere
06. fragile veils
07. black vein
08. on your knees
09. shell
10. fount of love
11. pierce me through
12. nailed to my body
13. veil of water
14. scab
15. grief divine
16. fetus lily
17. cast down the flesh of your body
18. feeble heart
19. half-open mouth
20. streams of mercy

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