♫♪  Ash Koosha - “Could”

Fine artist, Ash Koosha, just gripped a new video for “Could” —second track off the newest Olde English Spelling Bee GUUD— and the maniac feel you get from the shifting sculpture of sounds paired, with the OESB-made B&W grain visual, is exactly the comparable zone one expects. Like when shit gets way too hot in the summer and murder tastes like the lack of ice cream because everything is melting, so what’s a little social deviance. Or when everything in your house starts to short circuit around 3 AM, awaking you to a state of potential non-reality, and then you putting out fires in the kitchen. “Could” is the night walk you never took at camp because it was too dark out, but realizing if you had, there was a particular sort of chemical secretion in your brain that’s different than everyone else.

Though, GUUD is that and then-some. I ain’t playing around with that “then-some,” either. There’s an “entire NewHive dedicated to it. And like Blues Control, and the 1080p x OESB NewHive project, GUUD will visually and sonically tender to parts of your psyche that you never thought existed through art. So go-fourth into “Could” (viewable below), and then head to the OESB NewHive of GUUD ASAP ASAP, and get a dose of knowledge on Ash Koosha in the bio description here.

• Ash Koosha: https://soundcloud.com/ashkoosha
• Olde English Spelling Bee: http://oesbee.com

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