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Psi Grove

Following last month’s excellent release from NYC-based lifestyle calibrators Mind Dynamics, Northern guardians of the so-real-it-looks-fake realm 1080p are back for another sojourn through the desert of the real with Montreal’s AT/NU, in search of a place called Psi Grove.

Deep, deep in the threshes of Psi Grove, ketamine-addled grooves swirl into telepathic mandalas, fallen victim to the total and radical permeation of a distinctly digital psychedelia, a new, unassuming psyche-tracing that blossoms out of the network, first benignly; and then completely raising a flood of surplus data—AT/NU appeals to the neural attenuation of overstuffed receptors and instant-weary time-travelers, an anxiety-induced eclecticism sprouted through the prism of consciousness.

Psi Grove speaks in drones and glitches, glacial movements of organic noise underpinned by memetic rhythms covered in tape gauze, the semiotic status of sound as communicator brushing against the co-existing status of sound as pure sound, as coincidental and formless. The two weakening one another, flirting, but never bending.

Follow the stream below—enter it with piousness and curiosity, and let yourself become one with its aesthetic tug. It’s bound to keep flowing on without you, anyhow. And while your thoughts are amiably calibrated, slide on over to 1080p to cop a tape, limited to 50 copies.

• AT/NU: https://soundcloud.com/at-nu
• 1080p: http://1080pcollection.net

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