♫♪  Balmorhea - HEIR II (Ben Aqua Remix)

Austin producer and #FEELINGS boss Ben Aqua takes some gorgeous instrumentals from also Austin based group Balmorhea’s recently released HEIR 7” (via Western Vinyl), and uses them to make a footwork-y beat complete with that high pitched, bright bubbliness that defines Ben Aqua’s work. Combining different genres in quirky, unexpected ways has always been Ben Aqua’s game, and his “HEIR II” remix reveals that although contemporary classical minimalism and footwork are not usually in relationship, they have the same interest in repetition and in melody. It’s also just exciting to see a producer remixing something classical; ironically, it’s almost the most unexpected genre to work with, and makes you really remember that, yes, live instrumentation will actually sound more emotive than a sample. The tinge of the computerized high pitch in this track is the glue used for the marriage, as it forces “HEIR II” to live in an internet world, which is all encompassing and provides a link to the two disparate genres. And as much as genres can be talked about, the best part of this collaboration is that neither entity is quite working in one. Yes, Ben Aqua might be experimenting with footwork and Balmorhea with minimalism, but each are more interested in creating a sound that feels unique and un-reproducable.

• Ben Aqua: https://soundcloud.com/b3naqua
• Balmorhea: http://balmorheamusic.com
• Western Vinyl: http://westernvinyl.com

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