♫♪  Bangkok Snobiety - “Concrete Abstractionism I & II feat MMMOOONNNOOO”

Apothecary Compositions &ndash who dropped Zirconia Dynasty last month – is readying the debut of Portuguese duo Bangkok Snobiety July 24. To The New Era is the accumulation of Bruce Miranda and Pedro Franco growing up together, Franco studying sound design, and Miranda playing in punk bands. Here’s a two-track, MMMOOONNNOOO-featuring gift bag for the coming out party.

The final two tracks on To The New Era feature MMMOOONNNOOO – a RBMA14 graduate and fellow Lisbon resident whose coal-black electronics favor sludge to decadence. As for MMMOOONNNOOO’s inclusion to To The New Era, a good preface would be their collaboration with OWWK on Speaker Footage’s Launch Compilation – the song engendered by dredging studio rot, sowing what amassed, and harvesting the filth. Bangkok Snobiety’s experience is not all different, Concrete Abstractionism is their brutalist counterpoint of Lisbon’s Baroque international rep, likely stemming from Miranda’s punk idealism injected heavily in their sound. Both “Concrete Abstractionism I” and “II” further To The New Era’s new club aesthetic, blurring what can and cannot be considered “club music,” toasting with a bruised black fuck you.

Preorder To The New Era from Apothecary Compositions in a limited 50 copy CD or digital now. Its official release date is July 24 worldwide.

• Bangkok Snobiety: https://soundcloud.com/bangkok-snobiety
• MMMOOONNNOOO: https://soundcloud.com/mmmooonnnooo
• Apothecary Compositions: http://apothecary-compositions.com

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