♫♪  Barnett + Coloccia - “So, How Much Do You Know About Me?” [dir. Daniel Menche]

Four AM is an ungodly hour. Nothing good happens at this time. Exhaustion kicks in. Things that don’t exist cast flashes of shadow in your peripheral vision. Walls appear, faintly, as static under the fluorescent lights. Thoughts race around slow moving words. In winter, here, the temperature doesn’t settle. In this building, I occasionally hear patients scream into the night. It’s not the place for me to be listening to anything from Blackest Ever Black, but I do — often. I just like music to make sense in particular situations.

Since it was just yesterday that Taylor wrote about the coming collaborative album, Retrieval, by [Alex] Barnett + [Faith] Coloccia, I don’t feel the need to waste words. I have a different privilege, anyway, which is premiering the video for “So, How Much Do You Know About Me?” [dir. Daniel Menche]. Both the song and the video are perfections of absence. They each suggest, ultimately, that whatever we know about what is there, it’s only (really) enough to second guess ourselves: faint static, something half-conscious, a shadow flash. Anyway, if you need a soundtrack for dark hours, this is among the best I’ve heard this year.

Retrieval will be released December 2 on Blackest Ever Black.

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