♫♪  Ben Lukas Boysen x Max Cooper - “Golden Times 1” (Max Cooper remix)

Ben Lukas Boysen

Over the last few years, Erased Tapes have arguably been augmenting our brain places up with some of the most cleverly adventurous music of recent times. A stand out was last year’s Spells, by one Ben Lukas Boysen — and this year, Boysen is attempting to upgrade his full-length with Golden Times 1, a new remix-centric EP that features reworks of Spells tracks by Tim Hecker and Max Cooper.

The Hecker hot take on “Nocturne 4” has already been circulating the Internet for a bit, but today we are very pleased to be premiering Cooper’s approach to title track “Golden Times 1.” Cooper has this to say about his time in Boysenland:

Ben has been one of my most listened to artists of the past year or so. His last two albums in particular, have meant a lot to me, and provided me with focus when I needed it. So I was excited to have a chance to remix his work. I felt like I couldn’t improve on his idea, but what I could do was take what was the core for me, and expand it. It was just a matter of running with the feeling I got from his original, sticking with his melodic forms and original instrumentation, and letting the growing intensity continue along it’s established path to the only possible end point of total annihilation in chaos and distortion. My version is almost a continuation of his original if it was allowed to blossom into percussive format, rather than a traditional remix

Think about this as you listen to Cooper’s version of “Golden Times 1,” streaming right here. The EP, Golden Times 1, will be available June 30 — you can pre-order it now from Erased Tapes.

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