♫♪  Big Breakfast - “Lil Known Fact”

Big Breakfast is a character. I’ve talked to him on Twitter for several years. In late 2016, he opened up for Cam’ron at a show on Long Island. And by opened, I mean opened-opened, like went first on a 10-act bill. I mentioned that I was going to the show, got a Like, rapped along, then after he was done performing stared awkwardly at him in the crowd while silently wondering when he’d realize I was the guy from Twitter. He never did.

Later, at Yule Prog I actually met him, drunkenly recounted this whole story to him, and wondered aloud how he didn’t realize I was the guy from Twitter. At which point my friend pointed out that my Twitter profile picture is of my late dog wearing a yarmulke. Now that’s a “Lil Known Fact.”

Another one is that Big Breakfast’s new EP Sports Plus is named for a now-shuttered Long Island arcade. An even liller known fact is that when Breaky announced that the EP was going to be released on cassette with a zine, I tried to get him to let me contribute a lil article on the old gaming complex. He politely declined, saying it’s mostly art. I’m now realizing this write-up should’ve been about going to Sports Plus as a kid, not about internet-stalking Big Breakfast. Anyway… “Lil Known Fact” premieres below and Sports Plus, which will be out on cassette and digital via Smoker’s Cough October 13, is available for pre-order here.

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