♫♪  Bitemap / PLOM - Essential Nerd Tools split

From Barcelona: two sides of a tape, two musicians, two versions of glitch. Bitemap starts us off with a flurry of tones splattered everywhere, his rhythms crammed and jungly. Plom finishes with a sense of the machinic in search of the melodic, his glitchy sounds sometimes interjected with interludes of pads and samples of a human voice uttering a syllable.

Bitemap composed it all with a GameBoy and LSDJ; Plom, with Renoise. It vibrates. It swings. A rhythm composes itself from a code. This code seeks a light. Any light. A voice echoing outward. A computerized voice. Of Katharina Hetzeneder. A graphic designer from Barcelona —a friend. A sample.

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