Blackedout [EP]

So I’m on Facebook, minding my own bid-nezz, getting angular, and this well mannered and heartwarming young woman gets all virtual up in my gorilla. She all, “[Mmmdamn, boiii, hit this yuung Blackedout EP],” and I did, and it totally whisper-bumped the work-day stress right out of me. Then she called me a “bb,” and I don’t know what that means. But y’all remember this fellah Blackedout from the March 20 SPF420 event, right? That kinda TinyChat live event that’ll crash your shit if you ain’t on a MAC? IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII’m playin’. It’s all part of them gust-vaped wireless waves tapping into your mind via ears everywhere. Yeah-yeah, OH HI!!!

And yes, Blackedout EP rides a new kind of beauty, hazed in a stratosphere of moisture and “Rose”-scented highs. But, yo, “You Don’t Understand” the level of where this brother finds sound and vibes it into drips of information snapping at what you call HD but what others call hi-hats, or drums, or IRL. The “Suede” of it bathes in milked-out floating bowls tapping at each other’s inner mantra of the smallest rumbles, rippling glass in bent matter, cutting soap into foam, serenaded by your mystery woman. THE mystery woman. Bathtub grind in the slowest of motions. Riding it all out atop the “Bambi” one comes in on, Blackedout haxx his talent deep in the clearest sounds this side of the internet.

Your body will soldier sweat. He’ll make you question your definition of attraction. Find him now…

• Blackedout:
• Blackedout:

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