♫♪  Blood Orphans - You’re Dead

Hanging heavy and hazy like a hot summer afternoon, Blood Orphan’s You’re Dead hums and drones on, blown-out and unwavering. Soulful words murmured in time with fuzzy distortion that comes in waves. Like a meandering drive through your old neighborhood, familiar and inviting, even though it has been years now since you once called the little brick house under those streetlights home; happy to be where you are now, but still missing the way some things were then.

A juxtaposition of fuzzy nostalgia and easy contentment, like finding the melody of the songs that spilled out from your kitchen on Sunday mornings when you were still too young to recite the words, now woven within a new refrain. Playing on steady, a harmony that spells out the meeting place where mournful missing and blithe serenity intertwine and become one, inseparable from each other and yet felt, each, distinctly their own.

You’re Dead is set to be released August 11 and is available for pre-order in physical format on cassette and vinyl here. Take a listen for yourself:

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