♫♪  Blood Room - “This Got Boom” (feat TANS & Sensational)

London/Bratislava label Proto Sites awakes from its 10-month slumber with an addictive new track by South London producer Blood Room (who definitely has not been slumbering). “This Got Boom,” featuring TANS and rapper Sensational, foreshadows Blood Room’s laser-etched tape Breakers Yard landing later this month in an edition of 50 pieces. Sparse, snappy beats, ground-shaking bass hits, and tasty one-liners from Sensational define the crisp track, which sits comfortably on Side A of the cassette. Elsewhere on the release, we find elements of hip-hop, UK garage, and weird modular sounds, seemingly straightforward, but endlessly fun to listen to.

The full tape is dropping later this month, so keep checking Proto Sites’s Bandcamp and have a listen to “This Got BOOM” below:

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