♫♪  Blue Jazz TV - “Power Down the Blue Sky” / “Assholes”

While a big chunk of the cassette scene rolls around in its own low fidelity filth, having a label like Galtta Media around feels important somehow — something smooth for the medium, music that gleans like such fine crystal in heavenly hi-fi, even if that means the legit scenesters Galtta represents are turning in the types of greasy lounge tunes we get all over Blue Jazz TV’s Assholes. This is the project of Adrian Knight and Max Zuckerman, a duo occasionally accompanied by the sultry saxophone stylings of the label’s linchpin David Lackner. Knight you may remember as the young songwriter responsible for last year’s outstanding Pictures of Lindsey, which wouldn’t be a bad place to start when thinking about the overall sound of this tape and its awesomely nerdy sex-strut. Here we’re premiering a massive (and totally gorgeous) double video from the release created by Gabrielle Muller and Alice Millar, which highlights a sophisticated ballad in “Power Down the Blue Sky,” and the insatiably sleazy title track by contrast, capturing the 80s-drenched shmaltz of Blue Jazz TV with vivid colors, soft focus, and an incredibly patient pacing bringing to mind the work of David Lynch.

Assholes is currently available for purchase from the label direct.

• Blue Jazz TV: https://bluejazztv.bandcamp.com
• Galtta Media: http://www.galttamedia.com

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