♫♪  bod [包家巷] - The Recurrence Of Infections [复发感染]

Nicholas Zhu, a.k.a. bod [包家巷], was already on a roll this year when they dropped their elegiac Limpid Fear [清澈恐惧] record on the Planet Mu sub-label Knives, but apparently one masterwork just wasn’t enough. Now, the Los Angeles/Berlin-based artist is back again with an album on Aisha Devi’s Danse Noire imprint that’s possibly even more gorgeous. The Recurrence of Infections [复发感染] dives more deeply into Zhu’s gentle explorations of damaged MIDI sound and collagist digital collapse, veering between needling post-industrial noises and enveloping moments of stillness. Sequenced together as one 37-minute track (plus a bonus outtake and remixes from M.D. James and Flora Yin-Wong), The Recurrence of Infections [复发感染] is a hellish walk down a long hallway of malformed terrain, all led along by Zhu’s pleading, digitally cleansed voice.

The Recurrence of Infections [复发感染] is out now on Danse Noire. Purchase it here and hear the whole damaged thing below:

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