♫♪  Body Boys - Insensate

Rhythmic and foreboding, Insensate by Body Boys, released through Strange Rules, creates a juxtaposition of a soundscape of solemn isolation, inseparably interwoven with a corporeal cadence; the deafening silence of an empty room colored with the rush of your own blood, punctuated by steady beating of your heart, broken by the sharp inhalation and exhalation of your breath. Insensate is a cathartic introspection; an internal solace sought and found in the gently humming moments between tones, between breaths, between heartbeats.

Each track, a gentle ebb and flow, an advance and retreat from consciousness, in and out of sync with your own arterial undulations. With eyes closed, the droning rhythms become inseparable from the whirring pulses taking place deep within your own temporal form, creating a feeling throughout the album of a balanced sense of ever-present humanity and mechanical solitude.

Insensate by Body Boys is available on cassette through Strange Rules in limited pressing of 50 copies. Take a listen and lose yourself within the somatic tones of the album:

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