♫♪  Botany - “Tous Les Jours”

Ooooooh that air is crisp. Huge blue sky, what more could I ask for? Everything is falling into place, bleeding into one another. I’m talking about flow. I’m talking about trance. I’m talking about the trees and the sidewalk, the birds and my friends around the corner kicking it. There’s nothing like today when today is a beautiful day, and oooooooh is it a beautiful day.

There’s this bouncy beat reverberating off the ragtag wind chimes that are hanging from my neighbor’s house. Sweet bamboo sounds thumping through the streets. It’s magical.

I get around the corner, and my friends hop off their steps, without a word, we’re moving forward. Always moving forward, every day. We don’t talk about it, but there’s a rhythm in our steps. After so long of doing this, you know, your strides start to match up. I’m guessing it’s something like 115 bpm, probably. We movin’. Whatever it is, it’s vibing off those bamboo beats from around the corner. It doesn’t do that every day, but damn, it’s doing it today.

Stream “Tous Les Jours,” by Botany below, and preorder Companion II by JASS Records, due out March 23 here.

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