♫♪  Brian Case - “Pattern 1”

Like a high you can’t come down from; a manic episode where the nerves attached to all your nodes get braided; synapses pinging like wi-fi into a sea of internet: Brain Case has opened up the visual to his first single, “Pattern 1.” Off the new album Tense Nature on Hands In The Dark, Brian Case visually depicts the mind’s clarity-to-hazy cornea work from 1080p quality to complete blur deterioration. And as the ringing subsides, when that thought of all hope has been mulled down to a whittled tip, “Pattern 1” restores clarity, as if almost at the point of death, though illusion. But it’s reflective of that heart-beat static within Brian Case’s clever sound manipulation, so fuck with it on a run and get a next-level workout that ascends you to all sorts of heights.

Tense Nature is out late June on Hands In The Dark Records, so grip a bit of Brian Case on the pre-order game ASAP and enjoy the video for “Pattern 1” below:

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