♫♪  brrd - jade

The pilot of severed skies and cut clouds known as brrd is flying again, y’all. I know my dude Top Heavy is all about “The Anointing”, but I don’t care about that, because TODAY it’s all about that jade. We here at TMT are lucky enough to be premiering it for the world, and in the words of C Monster: “tite tite”.

Featuring ten tracks of tower spires, melted pictures, ruminating plaster, and gleek soaks, jade prospers within it’s own realm. So much is happening within and beyond jade that you may need a barf-cap and a refresher course to get you through the whole thing. Maybe not though. Maybe you already know what’s up, and you just want to hear the audio equivalent of mowed lawns and spent grass-green blades, splayed carpet samples atop worn-down floor-mats, full ashtrays of seeped tears, and stucco gurgles against rippling paper curtains. If so, tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

Dip into jade below, and get that deep soak you’ve been craving.

• brrd: https://soundcloud.com/brrdrrdrrd

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