♫♪  Bunny Hoova - “MINE”

Them There stay perplexin’. Already on the respective radars of TMT heads the world over (see: Pun Collins, j. b. glazer), they now bring forth the debut offering of an entity known as Bunny Hoova, name of LONGING.

The press: “LONGING jukes and jolts, consistently pulling the rug out and offering another fine moment of pop seduction.” Hard to disagree; these sickly sweet vignettes are bona fide songs, and ones of communicable realities and experiences at that, but they never succumb to formula or linearity. Domestic scenes, isolated farces, all told/sung against an ever-shifting backdrop of spartan beats, sludgy guitar work, and heat-treated samples. Cassette plastic melts into air. First things first, though, as “MINE” offers an audiovisual window into LONGING’s cosy interior. It’s a languid jam that, appropriately enough, roughly approximates a sea breeze on a sweltering day, with an airiness that is necessarily accompanied by a pervasive weight. Aftersun on that hard-to-reach burn. Real yin-yang shit, courtesy of Rena Matsunaga Sogunro and Bunny herself. It really is our pleasure, and it can be yours too:

Keep those ears to the ground for the full release of LONGING, penned in for July 26, and check the artwork out below. ALSO: if you’re in the UK, be sure to look out for a Bunny Hoova show near you in October!

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