♫♪  C Plus Plus - “Quick Fix”

Last year, The Astral Plane graced us with their Heterotopia compilation, a collection of club ready tracks that allowed for dreamy reflection as much as it did for dancing. The LA based label is back at it with their compilation Psychotropia, a take on the club experience, examining its “anxiety and anticipation” rather than the “hedonism and euphoria”. TMT premieres Portland based producer C Plus Plus’ track “Quick Fix”, a dark, sparse track haunted by one very present vocal sample. If Heterotopia put one foot into the water in terms of creating club tracks that move away from the typical rhythms, Psychotropia dives straight to the bottom, and “Quick Fix” is the perfect example. C Plus Plus never totally eliminates rhythms, and the track still has a danceable beat, but the focus is never just on that. The club is a place of socialization but also of isolation and deep thought, and “Quick Fix” allows for an internal experience inside of a shrine to physical movement. The vocal sample coaxing us to go “this way” feels like an invitation from the white rabbit to jump down the rabbit hole, or perhaps something more pedestrian: a lover opening her apartment door, coaxing another to come inside. Psychotropia in full drops October 27 via The Astral Plane.

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