♫♪  Cakedog - Champions

Los Angeles producer Leland Jackson, best known around these parts as TMT all-star Ahnnu, is back with new music, this time under his footwork/juke alias Cakedog. Last we heard from Cakedog, Jackson was letting that shit bang, and he continues to do so with this new 7-track release, Champions.

TMT has the pleasure of premiering Champions in full below. It’s a wild, tantalizing listen, with sub-bass thuds tickling your ankle socks via hyperactive rhythmic patterns, battle toms & tin-foil hi-hats snaking their way through the imagined circle and into your flesh wounds. It’s a raw, tattered sound that goes down nicely, countering the otherwise silky minor-toned permutations of your typical 2016 juke/footwork.

Listen to it Champions below, courtesy of LEAVING Records.

Meanwhile, Jackson’s last release as Ahnnu was called Perception and landed at #17 on our year-end list. Man’s unstoppable.

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