♫♪  Cakedog - “Let That Shit Bang”

The subtlety of Cakedog is always something to be admired. Sure, he got the bangers, but it’s always so muted. It’s really comparable to his development with the project Ahnnu too. And in “Let That Shit Bang,” the base is just a pure rumble. I mostly notice the subtly of Cakedog work when I’m in my car, as I made a footwork favz mp3 CD and Phantom in the Menace is on there. When pairing his sounds to that of DJ Rashad or EQ Why or DJ Diamond, the sampling and rhythms are comparatively on par, but the separation stems when that Cakedog base sound is completely drowned out. It’s the personality “Let That Shit Bang” of his footwork, aside from “CAKE-CAKE-CAKE-CAKE-CAKE” echoing out on the high-note low-key.

Below, TAR wants you to “Let That Shit Bang” this weekend with Cakedog, but keep on the look out ‘cause frosting a O.T.K. EP by the footwork real soon!

• Cakedog: https://soundcloud.com/cakedog
• TAR: http://wearetar.com

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