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And as 2013 comes to a satisfying end, Chaz & Alex begs listeners to continue their venturing ears on a journey that could potentially be never ending. “More” got that footwork baby soul, digital punk-tude, and distant haze synth that just beckons all to the shores of 2014. Shouting “Land ho!” in the warmest of sands, feet buried beneath the tide-line, waving you into the friendliest and most accepting of all parties is Chaz & Alex. Anything goes because why the heck not! Astronauts playing world soccer. Babies grippin’ that golden mic begging for seconds, thirds… ENLIGHTENMENT. Blooming white pedals in bursts of love and smiles. Tigers wearing diamond studded collars licking palms and gettin’ sweet. Starry Nitez glitter-style dancefloor, ceiling, walls, drinks, hairdos, irises, EVERYTHING.

There is no FUCKING way Chaz & Alex are stopping anytime soon. Pop progression better be settin’ sights on these boiis, ‘cause they ain’t never finished. Holy shit this baby soul auto tune stutter is just burin’ Monday right now. If you thought this was fun, or this intro was deep, just WAIT for what Chaz & Alex got in store for the future. OH THE FUTURE!!! Get “More” of their future below, and keep an eye on their SoundCloud constantly.

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