Chaz & Alex
The Enlightenment

Legit, y’all ready for The Enlightenment? Prepare, because it’s so much more now than what has previously been tasted. Clear a path for Chaz (Metallic Ghosts) & Alex, ‘cause they not only poppin’ that feet-beat, robot boogie, and trash-synth, but they movin’ masses. Try and sit still listening to the entirety of The Enlightenment. I DARE YOU! Vocal manips/clips/samples/bits. Fine sustains, auraing your dance bubble. Galactic dance floors melting into Earth’s skyline. The sun setting into a pair of shoes itching to be tied and worn. Savior blessings for all to gospel in its faith. OMG them POPS!! Then, the automated humorous brand “Certified Hit” twitches in and out your skull.

Chaz & Alex’s influences are not obvious either, but they in there: that Dean Blunt woman-in-the-machine vocode, Young Smoke and Paisley Parks troll-beat cuts, Fortune 500 sample kitche, Splash Tapes laugh-swaggery, and even old school Girl Talk tweet(ish) mashup. Fuck, and if you don’t feel the spirit within The Enlightenment, check ya pulse, ‘cause this might already be your second listen, as the stuttering beat is now making a pace for your valves.

Also, tonight at 10 PM (EST), you have a chance to rub some SPF420 on the backs of Chaz & Alex during their live album release party and DJ set, alongside DJ Clap, 회사AUTO, and リバーブ LITE. Get some Tinychat style!

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