♫♪  Chiffon - “Baited”

I recently started working for an internet company for the first time, only to realize just how little it is that I know about what goes on inside the world of the digital. In terms of programming and developing, the ins and out of what each specific sequence of code means, what it does, how it contributes to the system of a website or application is a bit… fuzzy to me (give me a break — my specific job function isn’t directly related to these things, and I’ve been on the job for a whole two days!). But I’m used to being on the outside of all that stuff, the guy on the other side of the computer screen, staring back into the neon, glossy glow of a retina display, totally dumb to the intricacies of what is for all intents and purposes an alternate universe.

Some things like what it is that actually happens inside your computer when you click the play on a track like Chiffon’s “Baited” are perhaps better left to the imagination of someone like digital artist Milton Melvin Croissant III, whose bizarre landscapes/scenarios have graced many an art installation and music video by artists such as Thug Entrancer. Who’s to say that the action doesn’t trigger am automated launch sequence for the Cadillac of mecca-transformers of a band of sexy androids deep inside that circuit board? MMCIII’s clean contours and sharp 3D rendering sell the magic of it with immaculate detail and a slick sheen, and the soft, vanilla colors compliment the track’s love-hopeful optimism of a potential shared morning with a club hook-up. Meanwhile, Chiffon’s Chase O’hara and Amy Reid have absolutely, unequivocally one-upped last year’s excellent Marble EP, hitting a much more patient and mature feeling stride, slowing grooves into lilting half-time tempos, and saturating the bass with a sweaty moisture while spreading things out, emphasizing the open spaces to give the beat a hefty weight. Reid’s soulful voice is the showstopper, cleanly delivered and drifting out with the smooth, elegant curls of a calligraphy pen.

“Baited” is the first track off Chiffon’s latest digital-only (for now) release, Cocoon, which can be streamed in full here as of today.

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