♫♪  Chris Conde - “No Air (Remix)”

a tape of breathing across body of water
is this body of water
chipped at the one spot
in order to slide out and reach
through ice on the werewolf tape

hearing the smooth roll of the wheel
an invention that’ll never get old
glad to have it around that
we’ll pave our earth until.

and wheel with the breathing on the tape
we’re worried
or should we ask if they are OK

  when in trouble
is it raspberry

with breath and wheels
echo and shoo

 at the tape…on the ice on the lake
barely in reach but
not a
multiple choice about the meaning of…


“No Air (Remix),” produced by Ledef (House of Kenzo), is the second single off San Antonio-based Chris Conde’s upcoming full-length, which will be mastered by Angel Marcloid.

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