♫♪  Cloudland Canyon - “An Arabesque”

Considering most music “journalists” write about themselves, and I’m probably the best liar I know (for all I know), it’s an enjoyable practice for me to be honest, thus: Cloudland Canyon has never rubbed me in a way that gave me goose-bumps like few others have. However, I feel like I’m better at reading who people ARE than I’m a liar, and there’s a super fond memory I have associated with Cloudland Canyon that’ll always be attributed to hearing their music. A few years ago when TMT threw their (only? so far) SXSW showcase at an abandoned sex-toy factory outside Austin, during the Cloudland Cayon set, I had some really wonderful bonding time with three special TMT writers: Mike McHugh, Jonathan Dean, and Dave Gurney. Like half of my LP collection, a lot of my in-home physical music collection is dedicated to memory and nostalgia I’ve attached to music, no matter if the album is Beethoven level mastery or the simplicity of YYU. So it’s always a pleasure hearing that Cloudland Canyon is continuing to inspire fans and moment seekers alike with a new album on Medical Records.

Pouncing into the single scene with their newest video by Logan Owlbeemoth for the track “An Arabesque,” this’ll be the first Cloudland Canyon album since 2010!

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