♫♪  Colin Cowan & the Elastic Stars - “Guitar Man”

It’s been a long time coming, but Vancouver-based everyman, Dada Plan rebel, and touring associate of the likes of Black Mountain, Dan Mangan, and Destroyer, the incomparable Colin Cowan has finally completed his solo-ish album seasonal tetralogy. Over the past few years, Cowan voyaged down Fall Paths to find the Eye of Winter before dispelling Spring Myths, ultimately pulling his chutes on Cosmos In Summer, out now on Kingfisher Bluez.

Cosmos In Summer is the most out-there record yet in his supremely way-out catalogue. Case in point, “Guitar Man” is a sizzling blast of lo-fi rock, a full-on acid trip condensed to a minute and a half. The video by Lee Hutzulak (Leisure Thief) hammers home the temporary insanity with Cowan superimposed on the cosmos. Take the trip for yourself below. It won’t take long, but it might feel that way, in a good way.

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