♫♪  Controlled Bleeding - “TROD”

What manner of fortified being wouldn’t be a smashed bug on the rushing windshield of this beast? You will be TROD, which, as it happens, is the name of the raging Controlled Bleeding track at hand, a newly-minted horror to lead off the longstanding noise/industrial/ambient outfit’s just-released remix collection, Carving Songs. The project is massive: “TROD,” plus 20 remixes from contributors including Monolake, Merzbow, and Weasel Walter.

Controlled Bleeding’s Paul Lemos says “TROD” is “a really a major piece for us… a VERY dark song.” He would be right, as shrill atonality chisels its own foundation, like a scorpion stinging itself to death, writhing like mad to tough Lemos guttural-isms, then going all quiet and spooky. The accompanying Arturo Baston-directed video visualizes pungent rot in vivid color and fungal blotch, with no shortage of animal remains to go ‘round. I know my Rambo III well enough to recognize buzkashi when I see it.

This pummels everything at 100%. At the point “TROD” cools a certain empathy arises for Arturo’s mouse, putrefying away in time-lapse.

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