♫♪  Conveyor - “What A Low Heart”

dat boi

After spending some time buying matching “casual” shirts and touring as a simple four-piece band with minimal bells and digital whistling, whirring, soundificating objects, Conveyor realized deep down, what they truly are is a rock band. Cue sea creatures and happy college students dancing in 15/8. A regular band of chameleons, on their last endeavor, Prime, Conveyor abandoned upstroking, fingerpicking, and all regular sources of emotional impulse to embrace the endless, hospital-white hallways of a Ballardian/Huxleyan future, crafting a live score for George Lucas’ startling directorial debut, THX 1138. Ready Not Ready reinvigorates the band with some a little rhythm, while still maintaining the complex freakiness that keeps folks’ mouths watering. Kind of like eating chili’s and spearmint at the same time, if you’re sophisticated enough to enjoy such a mix. The result is noticeably cleaner and far more chipper than the slog of neo-grunge most blogs have clamped on to. Conveyor’s upcoming LP Ready Not Ready, or as they call it, a “logical progression for four logical people” in “an illogical band,” is available for pre-order from Gold Robot. Listen to the new track, “What A Low Heart” below.

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