♫♪  The Craters - “Kids Can Tell”

Moderate vandalism, smashed guitars, rooftops, 40 oz beers, gas station snacks, night drives, and an empty parking garage accented by yellow balloons blend together in The Craters’ video for “Kids Can Tell,” creating the perfect recipe for a longing sense of desire to suspend the days of a clichéd youth. Somewhere at the intersection of lo-fi and pop, the song builds a narrative of nostalgia mixed with contentment in the present. Echoing vocals and swaying melodies complement the faded color scheme of the images, like walking into your long-abandoned childhood bedroom, the walls lined with sun-bleached photographs, everything muted by the film of dust covering it. Playing out like a memory you aren’t entirely sure wasn’t just a wishful-thinking dream, “Kids Can Tell” recalls to memory a sense of carefree nights that somehow seem both infinitely distant and close enough to touch.

The Craters’ forthcoming EP Kids Can Tell will be released June 17 through Designer Medium Records. Watch the video for yourself here:

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