♫♪  Curved Light - “Goldleaf (Single Edit)”

When Holodeck comes a calling, you best answer, my friends. Have they ever done me wrong? I don’t think so! The latest slab of modular synth goodness comes courtesy of label newcomer Curved Light (aka Austin’s Peter Tran). Curved Light’s forthcoming cassette for H-deck, Channelview, features concise, punchy hardware based tunes, interspersed with more dissonant noise and ambient interludes. IDGAF, it’s all good to me! There’s a little something for the left-field tonal drone freaks, the chill out ambient heads, and the gear enthusiasts (in other words, everyone!).

“Goldleaf (Single Edit)” closes out the album . Channelview ebbs and flows between the soothing and the sinister, and while “Goldleaf (Single Edit)” veers more towards the former, there’s a lot for the price of admission here. Peter’s deep into a U.S. tour, and if there’s a date near you, look into the mirror and will yourself to not watch The Office on Netflix for the fifteenth night in a row, and go see Curved Light’s scorching set. Channelview drops May 19 in cassette and digital formats from Austin’s esteemed Holodeck

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