♫♪  Dale Cornish - “Ulex Pattern 1”

Out this week on Entr’acte, Dale Cornish has a special new album dropping entitled, Ulex, and Tiny Mix Tapes was lucky enough to grip the premiere of his track “Ulex Pattern 1” flipped into video magic by Laid Eyes. Embedded within the visuals beholds an interesting appeal that entices listeners to give a deeper focus on the sounds within “Ulex Pattern 1.” Highlighting the details of BB pellets being tossed and reversed around a well used wooden floor, juxxing with close-up details of blue shoes and a blond wig, Laid Eyes draws attention to the notion that Dale Cornish might be fucking with listeners via rythm, but just to get some feet moving (as the video’s conclusion suggests). “Ulex Pattern 1” has such a minimal tone to each beat, but the layers become maddening within time, and the only way to escape this feeling of mayhem is to express it through the art of dance. And dance we all must, as Dale Cornish’s newest full-length, Ulex, is filling up that Entr’acte discography with some purely vibrant auras. Scope the video below:

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