♫♪  Dangerous Boys Club - “Pris”

It’s not unusual for a boy to want to sing to a girl. Many girls, in fact, encourage it. Romance is easy for a bard with good ear and silver tongue, and what girl would not want to be the subject of an immortal love song?

Answer: the girl whose boy is part of Dangerous Boys Club. Not because of the quality of the music — which would be and surely is high — but because the sentiment of that song might be less about love and more about, well, menace. Of course, Dangerous Boys Club is exactly the band to beware in the video we premiere here, for the title track from DBC’s album Pris. And presumably, Pris is the girl whom we glimpse through all manners of surveillance and in various postures inviting imminent threat. We see her stripped to a two-piece in sandy repose. We see her before a cross. We see her against the long splay of school buses, walking away. We see her through the static of cameras, which we can only reasonably assume Pris doesn’t know exist.

A girl has reason to believe that her boy might be dangerous — or belong to a club for boys behaving that way — if the music he makes can be more easily produced from a V6 Ducati engine than from a hollow six-string guitar. But the real danger arrives when said music is also this good, this alluring that you can’t turn away from the chug.

To further your intrigue and entangle more deeply, check out the rest of Pris, the full album, out now on Dais Records, and check out an exclusive download of a remix of “Pris” by NIGHTCHILDE, below. The Club is exclusive too; the pedigree’s legit.

• Dangerous Boys Club: http://thedangerousboysclub.com
• Dais Records: http://www.daisrecords.com

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