♫♪  Daniel Menche and Mamiffer - “Alluvial”

Alien, multiped, incectile, life emerges from The Crater, kicking its way up boulders of gravel and sand, splashing through silt, then settling and making clay of mud. Eventually, civilization occurs. Yet, even at its most harmonious, the unsure footing of that first climb stays permanently etched into memory, so that when finally the most choral chorus and organic organs have sounded, the residual percussion of getting up and falling down remains ready to resume, “Alluvial,” like the world was born fixin’ to die in a delta.

“Alluvial” is one of six tracks on Crater, the new album by Daniel Menche and Mamiffer (Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner), which, according to Menche, was created using recordings of hikes the three took together. Funny how a simple nature walk can be like the birth and death of a universe. Laughing and pizza were also involved and rightly so; pizza being one of the highest achievements of civilization.

Crater is currently available for pre-order from SIGE Records in editions of 500 CDs and 50 cassettes, shipping the weeks of November 9th and 16th, respectively.

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