♫♪  Darren Keen - “The Way I Look”

We all know Jeb Bush is an Apple guy, but did you know Darren Keen is ALSO an Apple guy? Merely bestow thine eyes on the video below for all the proof you’ll ever need.

Only after coring, peeling, and devouring the fuck out of a Granny Smith, I imagine Darren came up with the concept for the video, all the while with some green, tarnished and tart skin in his teeth. The stitched aesthetic of both the track and the video is truly Red Delicious. Surely, this is a Gala not to be missed.

On the real though, “The Way I Look” is a head rush of sugar bumps and candy humps, kinda like an actual apple. The track’s tone and speed match well with the flip-book of screen shots going on down below. And that dog? Forget about it.

“The Way I Look” is the first single off the forthcoming He’s Not Real, out August 28th via vinyl record and downloadable digital files thanks to the wonderful folks at Orange Milk Vinyl Records and Dowloadable Digital Files.

• Darren Keen: https://soundcloud.com/darrenkeen
• Orange Milk Records: http://www.orangemilkrecords.com

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