♫♪  Datach’i - “Micro Karplus”

Datach’i, the project of New York producer Joseph Fraioli, has released a video for “Micro Karplus,” a track off the bonus disc of his new album System, which features him performing on his insane Eurorack Modular synth system. Following in the style and footsteps of Aphex Twin, Autechre, and Venetian Snares — on whose Planet Mu-run label this album was released — Datach’i’s first album in a decade seeks to investigate the sounds of this magnificent instrument, and “Micro Karplus” is a good example of the skittering melodicism that his modular aesthetic will sometimes take.

“I’ve spent much of the past decade building up my own sound design company, Jafbox Sound, and in recent years have become fascinated by modular synths,” said Fraioli. “I’d been making a series of performance videos, showing how they work and that inspired me to start making music as Datach’i again.”

System is available now via Timesig on double vinyl, CD, and digital download. Purchase the CD version through Bandcamp or Planet Mu, and you’ll also get the 19-song bonus CD-R.

TMT has the pleasure of premiering the video for “Micro Karplus.” Check it out here:

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