♫♪  Daughters Of The Sun - “Ride To Die”

Spoiled on road kill and rubber, Daughters Of The Sun are back and ready to rip. After a few years of piecing together their newest joint Ride To Die for the Not Not Fun catalog, the trio is finally finished, and the Minneapolis and Los Angeles divide between the band mates JUST got WAY louder. “Ride To Die,” the title track off the new album, takes LEGIT documentation from Daughters Of The Sun’s last roadie/biker tour and made a compilation video, complimenting the band’s excessive freedom.

Only, not really. The video was put together by Chris Hontos of Food Pyramid/Dreamweapon with old film/stock/television footage, but it’ll DEFINITELY burn your hole psyche toward more idealistic vows of independence. Just in a totally freeing way: so you feel violent/gaseous/irreverent/…like a new hair cut. It’s all PVP in the IRL world of “Ride To Die.”

Imagine if Daughters Of The Sun had the modern-day equivalent of Hell’s Angels do free security during their first European tour this October? Then, every time “Ride To Die” flares off, the crew would too, and crowds would peak at this natural abundance of freedom. Minds would evaporate from their provided brains. People would transfer beings from one another. The feeling of flight would from then-on be a permanent thing. Like trails, but a bit deeper.

Daughters Of The Sun’s LONG awaited Ride To Die was mastered by Sonic Boom and will be released August 19 via Not Not Fun. Scope the title track’s video below:

• Daughters Of The Sun: https://myspace.com/daughtersofthesun
• Not Not Fun: http://www.notnotfun.com

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