♫♪  DEAN CERCONE & Pregnant - “WARSHIP DREAMBOAT” & “Oars Reject Her Thesis”

In a purple effervescent, monochromatic pixilation, “WARSHIP DREAMBOAT” drips a sweat off DREAN CERCONE’s brow in calm measures of heavy thoughts and lyrical mis-beings. Like the end of that tunnel came around 80 mph, speeding like no other human existed. A calming reprise every three minutes, over and over again, like a turn or two ever stopped you from living overly dangerous in a completely complacent and laid-back environment. So the harder you go, the smoother you seem, and melt your mind into a facade of purple. Or haze. Focus above!

Clarity like a sober dream, Pregnant’s “Oars Reject Her Thesis” steers a vocal progression so bubbled it boils over into something both clean and dirty. Something serene in the contemplative, or risqué. Maybe it’ll come back to life. Perhaps we’re all a kiss away from frog prince. either way, there’s a world of imagination just frothing in a loom of creativity. Give it a thought.

Dean Cercone & Pregnant split cassette tape drops on Hairy Spider Legs this July 8, and if you’re not there to grip a copy, there’ll be less and less of materials to grip before actually feeling like there’s purpose in your life. SCOPE AND SNAG ASAP!

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