♫♪  Diamondstein - Dead City 1.1

Look out that window. It’s nothing short of Dead City 1.1. The WiFi skyline billowing clouds of grey. Shocks of light blue outlines their shapes in halcyon flashes. Curvatures that frame and engulf the towering, crumbling city structure. Find like ping signals. Dump-truck moans that resonate throughout the building every hour.

Inside BLCR Laboratories, a project of purity artificially grows with every eye-droplet of liquid biotechnology. Soaking in the bask of pure energy. Pores being infiltrated by the peacefulness of natural selection. A cortex that establishes enlightenment through the post-digital age. Forever in memory.

Cracking the shell of Dead City 1.1, Diamondstein awakens in a vast amount of sonics. Tense measures of long, focused reality. Gazes that bend in image like ripples upon the water. Harsh mechanics grinding in ouroboros. Reel grime. Find it now from BLCR Laboratories in cassette and digital formats. Stream below:

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