♫♪  DJ Fourth Drop - IV

The first cut is the deepest. The second coming is near. The third eye is the gate to heaven. DJ Fourth Drop is on one in his debut mixtape IV. Toying with edits of Krewella, reggaeton artist Arcángel, Miguel, Tink and Lil Herb (swoon), and the late Speaker Knockerz to produce five warm-natured tracks. Understood and understated in their dancehall and reggaeton attributions, DJ Fourth Drop (real name Reid Masak) works in a headspace filled by Black Pearl and obscure new age tapes with an ear to the streets. With only two prior tracks on his soundcloud (one is a heavy nightstep version of “One Minute”), Reid is kneading his craft for the kiln like DJ Fourth Drop is a 1990 Demi Moore (swoooon).

Find Reid Masak at work. Bopping to his productions or running with Chicago’s rad party/shows makers Them Flavors - really though, your boy caught the Evian Christ show in June, shit was dope.

IV might melt the snow away if the decibels are right.

• DJ Fourth Drop: https://soundcloud.com/dj-fourth-drop

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