♫♪  DJ Voilà - Dumbledogs

Out today on Noumenal Loom is the refreshing new EP by DJ Voilà, Dumbledogs. As the follow up to DJ Voilà’s 1080p debut, Aimless Summer, Dumbledogs continues to present the same magic in minimal house that overwhelms in sound, and undersells on the steady beat. But don’t get me wrong, the entire reel is movement, flipping a pulse that twitches and pounds, flickers, skitters, and withers, only to climax and collide with grace. Dumbledogs is that staggering moment everyone gets before expressing their opinion, but once that idea begins to weave in reality, heads start to nod, and DJ Voilà be in the background on the woofers pounding out levels of dance that only genre mingling offers.

Mingling? Yeah, like: we got house in the house (obviously), but DJ Voilà offers more in the synthetic, nostalgic, fantastic, and pure dark-matter realms that break apart and braid as pleasure and devastation furiously sweat in the middle of a club. Hands flailing like sound is the clicker. Kickers almost untying shoes. Elbow pops in bottle-rocket mode. Heads going bald from banging. As if DJ Stingray mixed two samples from Delroy Edwards into one track, cracked open a live show DJ Sprinkles forgot to attend, so the local jockey popped her SoundCloud on random and got ice cream sandwiches around the corner before getting into a three-on-three ball game. Dumbledogs is the dunk:

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